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Meet Robin Grant

Founder CEO

Robin Grant is an awarded, world-class interior designer, with over 20 years of experience and founder of Designing Lives International.

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When an Interior Designer steps into the world, they have a vision. They have a passion. A desire to bring their gifts of beauty, taste and style into the world of Interior Design. And sooner or later, Interior Designers discover the challenges and expenses of business planning, operations, marketing, web site building, social media and publicity campaigns, video production and editing, getting ongoing inspiration, support and further training to become a success in their marketplace.
If this resonates with you, the Designing Lives International (DLI) Licensing Opportunity may be just the fuel you need to quickly launch your business forward.  
Designing Lives International provides DLI Design Directors with a full set of world-class turn-key business services that help support their ultimate success. As a DLI Design Director in your exclusive geographic territory, your success is our paramount focus by the close support and mentoring by Robin Grant.
DLI is the life vision of Robin Grant, a widely published, well-established, and highly acclaimed interior designer, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ms. Grant created the Designing Lives International Opportunity out of a burning desire to pass the tourch and mentor newly-graduated interior designers, decorators, as well as alumni; to help them rapidly see business success in the interior design field.
Included in the opportunity is support and training in the following areas:
* Turnkey DLI Branded Website – optimized for search engines in your local market; including a video, your bio and portfolio
* Complete Business Setup – hit the ground running while we take care of the details
* Proven Marketing Campaigns – no need to waste money figuring out what works and what doesn’t
* Branded Digital & Social Media Collateral – copy/paste simplicity to growing a fan base
* Print Media & Press Assets – we’ll help announce the launch of your business and establish you as an industry leader in your market
* State Licensing & Certifications – we’ll clear up any confusion about your local rules and regulations
* Resourcing Materials – benefit from Robin’s 20+ year old thick book of resources
* Client Presentations –  how to wow, what not to say, 
* Pricing Concerns & Competition Analysis – how beat the competition even when you may charge more
* Accounting & Tax Considerations – how to keep track of your success
* Contract Administration – avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes with rock solid contracts
& Much More
The DLI Opportunity provides licensees with direct, one-on-one support and mentoring in all aspects of business startup, development, and expansion under the DLI brand in an exclusive geographic territory. Robin Grant assist DLI Design Directors in any business matter they have, to help them see success quickly.
The path to success for leaders of any industry almost always involves having a mentor; someone that has walked the walk and talked the talk, that showed them the ropes of their respective industry. Besides helping to ensure success in business, having a mentor can dramatically increase the speed at which success comes by uncovering hidden pitfalls and obstacles without having to learn them from the school of hard knocks.
“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” — John C. Maxwell
Qualified applicants have the opportunity to claim their exclusive license and territory; to become the Design Director for their own turn-key DLI Interior Design Business. Inquire today and see if this opportunity is still available, and if you’re the right fit to become a DLI Design Director.
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“Her seamless perfection from every room of our home exudes the endless talent of Robin Grant.” – Gretchan Foster

“My friends and family just love the creative mind of our designer Robin Grant—how she has combined the color of the materials and furnishings, extending through to the beautiful views of the mountains in our resort-like setting.” – Daphne Cadwell

“Without her expertise, this would not be the success it has become.” – Chuck Theisen


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