Meet the Talented Team Behind Designing Lives International

Robin Grant

Designing Lives International (DLI) was founded to help support the most talented and passionate interior designers succeed in today’s busy, highly competitive world.

This is the life vision of Robin Grant, a published and well-established Interior Designer, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Robin created DLI from a burning desire to help mentor newly-graduated Interior Designers, Decorators as well as Alumnus, assisting them in obtaining additional exposure for their new or expanding businesses within the DLI brand. DLI’s other long-term goal is to spread its effect to help beautify the world, room by room, space by space, project by project.

Robin is a long-time resident in the idyllic Phoenix/Scottsdale area running a successful interior design business, receiving accolades from magazines and books, including Phoenix Home & Garden, Arizona Foothills, Custom Homes, Spectacular Homes Of The Southwest as well as other notable publications.

Robin is a sought-after speaker and consultant in the business of interior design. Her many life passions range from international travel, gardening and immersing herself in the latest styles and trends, providing fresh and innovative ideas for the interior design industry.

Ken Sherman
Digital Authority Marketing

Ken is an Amazon multi-best selling author and speaker in authority positioning, and an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for taking action and overcoming obstacles. He has been quoted in the national media as an expert in authority marketing and online authority positioning and serves as a passionate educator and advocate for his prospects and clients.

Since 1993, Ken’s innovative online digital marketing authority positioning strategies have helped entrepreneurs to reach a higher level clientele, to be sought after by the media and quoted as a subject matter expert in their industry, and to be the person chosen first among a sea of competition.

In his down time Ken enjoys time with his high school sweetheart wife of 35 years and 2 children, playing piano and guitar, and learning about technology.

Ken is proud to serve on Robin Grant’s DLI support team to provide a detailed road map to rapid online success for DLI designers; positioning them and their business as an authority in their local market.

Nicole Bonilla
Web Design/video/photo

Nicole Carson Bonilla was born and raised in North Hollywood, California. Nicole attended Brigham Young University and earned a bachelors in graphic design with emphasis in marketing strategy. She met her husband, Gabe (who is also a designer from So. California.) and they joined forces personally and professionally and started Bonilla Design & Advertising. Nicole and Gabe live in Gilbert, Arizona and have worked from a home studio for the last eighteen years as they raise their six children together.

Nicole offers a complete package for visual design from logo/branding to printed marketing materials to websites and social media. Her knowledge and talent for using the universal principles of design also spans her commercial photography, contemporary portrait photography and promotional videography. Nicole is able to use the established creative objectives for a client through all these platforms to create a powerfully cohesive visual presence.

Nicole is proud to be a member of the Designing Lives International team and looks forward to working with interior designers under the direction of Robin Grant to build their successful interior design businesses though the use of branding, promotional materials, online presence, photography and videography.